Sustainable development Peru Commerce

Organizing principle

Sustainable Development

Our mission is to act as a leader to make sustainable development a reality and a concrete issue for Canada-Peru trade relations. Wishing to be more than a place of consultation, it intends to become the place of emergence of the strategic regional orientations as well as promising projects. It is a source of concrete action and acts as a facilitator and convener.

Promote the emergence of bilateral trade that takes into account the objectives of sustainable development.

Sensitize members of the House on business opportunities related to sustainable development.

Organize activities to promote best practices in sustainable development.

The PCCC has identified the following areas of intervention for its members:

  • Ecosystem management / environmental impact.
  • Efficiency operations / energy.
  • Local policies, regulation and compliance (trade, free trade, aid and cooperation).
  • International agreements, best sustainable business practices

Membership in the PCCC: Member Commitment


Develop ways of doing things, services, technologies and products that are more respectful of the environment (population, fauna, flora, water, air and land) allowing a superior ecological performance (responsible management of residual materials, eco-design).

Valuing or recycling all materials for which opportunities or recovery services exist, and consider disposal of waste as a last resort.


Responsible sourcing
Adopt eco-responsible goods and services procurement practices throughout the value chain. Establish and maintain mutually beneficial and equitable relationships with suppliers and other partners.


Participate in the creation of quality jobs. Encourage the diversity of work teams, provide fair conditions and respect international labor standards (


Harmonious relationship with the community
Create a climate of openness and dialogue with local stakeholders about their needs, concerns and possible solutions.


Transparency and collaboration
Disclose results on the company's financial, environmental and social performance. Perform an integrated annual account reporting. Participate in disseminating best practices on the CCPCM website or collaborating with other organizations.