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Our services will give you everything you need to expand your business. Whether you are a company that is starting or already established in the market, our services will help you succeed in the Canadian market.

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 Business consultancies

Know the consumer and the local Peruvian market.

Learn about the specific details of the Peruvian consumer and how Peruvian businesses work, with personalized advice to help you develop your program of activities successfully.

Contact us to discuss your needs and customize our intervention.

We develop business plans, market studies and prospections.


 Strengthening capabilities

Courses, seminars and workshops that inform you of business and investment opportunities in Peru.

The Chamber offers training, seminars and workshops to meet the needs of companies and entrepreneurs interested in starting commercial projects with Peru. We adapt to your requirements.


 Promotion and commercial positioning

Take advantage of the resources and the network of information and contacts that the Chamber of Commerce has through its WEB and the various means of promotion in order to promote its products and services.


 Commercial missions

Optimize your time and resources, clearly identifying your target market, as well as taking knowledge of the partners and potential customers that best suit you.
Discover the potential of your products and services by participating in business missions. You will receive a calendar of individual appointments selected based on the profile of your business.
Promote your products and services by participating in the main trade fairs that will be held in Peru.
Take advantage of opportunities for growth and diversification in one of the fastest growing economies in the last decade.


 Representation and sales, marketing

For those companies that have difficulties in having an effective presence in Canada or Peru
We offer sales representation and direct marketing service (B2B meetings) to develop the market.


 Participation in international fairs and events

Participate in the various events created or co-organized by the Chamber of Commerce in order to increase its positioning and commercial opportunities.

Encounters of people involved in the development of trade between Peru and Canada, entrepreneurs interested in doing business and potential strategic alliances.