Sunday, September 15, 2019

We proudly announce Mr. Andres Recalde at PERUMIN 34-TIS Forum

On Sep. 18, at the TIS Forum, Mr. Andres Recalde – President of the PCCC - will be presenting his technical work in Social Management: Communal Rural Governance in the Resettlement of a Mexican Ejido.

PERUMIN 34, the second largest mining convention of the world, will take place on Arequipa, Peru from September 16th to 20th 2019.

The Forum for Technology, Innovation and Sustainability – TIS FORUM, will be the presentation space, in four simultaneous rooms, of the technical works of specialties relating to mining activity and competing for the National Mining Prize– the highest award granted by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers and PERUMIN Mining Convention.

In this specialized forum with its high technical, academic and innovative standards, a significant number of national and foreign experts will present the latest scientific studies and technological advances. Furthermore, there will be guest speakers who will deliver keynote presentations and participate in specialized forums.

A total of 502 technical work have been presented to the Organizing Committee of the Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Forum (TIS Forum) and compete for the National Mining Award, the highest award granted by the mining industry Peruvian researchers, professionals and academicians of this productive activity and related industries.

It is a record number, which overcomes the number of papers presented in previous editions (36% more than in the 2017 edition). Of these, 427 are from Peruvian authors, while 75 are foreign works. As explained by the president of the Organizing Committee of the TIS Forum, Miguel Cardozo, "this reflects the interest that mining is awakening among the scientific and professional population of Peru."

Works Heading to PERUMIN

The works received were evaluated by a group of remarkable professionals from mining companies and academic entities and now the outstanding ideas will be presented in the TIS Forum that will be developed within the framework of PERUMIN 34, through oral lectures to be held in 4 parallel rooms, as well as poster-type exhibitions, in outdoor areas that will be supported by digital towers with touch screens.

Mr. Andres Recalde will be presenting his work: “Communal Rural Governance in the Resettlement of a Mexican Ejido", on Wednesday, September 18th , and put it in value in front of the hundreds of professionals who congregate the PERUMIN 34.


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