Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Peru: 47% of mining projects are concentrated in the regions of Cajamarca and Apurimac

A total of 47.1% of Peruvian mining projects - estimated at US $ 27,562 billion - are concentrated in the regions of Cajamarca and Apurimac

"Although Peru has an important portfolio distributed in 17 regions, monetary poverty is still present in some of them due to delays in the investment process, closely related to 57 social mining conflicts that put the activity of the sector at risk" , Cesar Peñaranda, Executive Director of IEDEP. set.


Cajamarca heads the list of regions with the largest portfolio of mining investments, with US $ 16.209 billion, but also experiences high levels of monetary poverty (in 47.6% of the population) and currently faces 11 social conflicts.


Six projects, mainly copper, are located in the mentioned region. The most outstanding are La Granja (US $ 5 billion), Michiquillay (US $ 2.5 billion), the expansion of Shahuindo Stage 2 (US $ 109 million) and QuecherMain (US $ 300 million).


Apurimac, where monetary poverty levels reach 35%, comes next with seven projects valued at US $ 11,353 million.


Its most important projects include Hierro Apurimac (US $ 2.9 billion), Haquira (US $ 2.824 billion) and Los Chancas (US $ 2.8 billion).