Wednesday, April 24, 2019

CADE Digital 2019

News City: 

Peruvian firms' competitiveness and benefits improved with digitalization.

On April 24th, CADE Digital President Jaime Aguirre said that Peruvian companies' competitiveness and benefits can be improved by digitalizing their processes, which is evidenced in several firms from different sectors.

"We'll show how to improve competitiveness in the private sector (with digitalization) through business experiences in different sectors such as retail trade, insurance, manufacturing, distribution, banking," he affirmed.

During the opening of CADE Digital 2019, Aguirre said various Peruvian cases in which artificial intelligence is applied will be presented at this meeting.

"We'll demonstrate that investment in digital transformation yields returns and rewards companies, by reinforcing the benefits as key arguments to persuade entrepreneurs to do so," he indicated. Aguirre also announced the participation of Education Minister Flor Pablo, who will speak about her digital plans in educational training across Peru.

Likewise, he informed Prime Minister Salvador del Solar will present the State's e-government strategies towards the country's Independence Bicentennial.