How AR and VR are transforming enterprises during the pandemic

Organisations are increasingly adopting innovative technology solutions, and recent studies suggest that the use of AR and VR is on the rise due to COVID. Join us to share insights into this realm, tune in to explore how the use of these technologies can boost productivity, increase safety, and enhance training efforts.


As our esteemed panelists

Kamran Baqai
Global Managing Director, Altitude XR


HISPANOTECH 10th Year Anniversary




Please join us for a night of celebration, as we recognize the vision of our Founders and the commitment of our Volunteers and Directors, all of whom have selflessly contributed their time and effort over the last 10 years to help Hispanic Professionals integrate, succeed and give back in Canada.


Free Webinar: Digital Identity Verification – Reducing Friction in Online Account Opening

COVID-19 has caused an accelerated shift from branch account opening to digital account opening. But the challenge for many financial institutions is that there is friction in the online account origination process, especially when it comes to identity and authentication. This friction often causes consumers to abandon the account opening process at a traditional financial institution for a digital-first institution with a more seamless experience.



CADE Digital 2019

On April 24th, CADE Digital President Jaime Aguirre said that Peruvian companies' competitiveness and benefits can be improved by digitalizing their processes, which is evidenced in several firms from different sectors.

"We'll show how to improve competitiveness in the private sector (with digitalization) through business experiences in different sectors such as retail trade, insurance, manufacturing, distribution, banking," he affirmed.