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Resultados de exportaciones Peru 2021

The report highlights the joint effort of the public and private sectors of Peru, managing to break export records in 2021, positively impacting the national economy, generating employment and well-being for millions of compatriots. In 2021, Peru remained the world leader in non-mining energy exports.

Dated : February 2022
Author : PromPeru
Pages : 5
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Resultados de exportaciones Peru 2021 - Presentacion

Complementary presentation with figures showing the performance of the region's exports, and Peru's trade with the world. In addition, index figures of the Evolution of exports, of the main products and markets of the sectors: Agriculture, Fishing, Manufacturing, Services and Clothing and Decoration.

Dated : February 2022
Author : PromPeru
Pages : 35
Size : 4.40 MB

Peru's Mining & Metals Investment Guide 2022/2023

This guide has been structured to serve as an initial step in the process of evaluating the mining landscape in Peru. It provides International Exploration and Mining with a foundation of facts and critical information to facilitate and support their discussions and investment decisions.

Dated : February 2022
Author : EY
Pages : 109
Size : 5.53 MB


In March 2021, the Peruvian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce decided to expand and changed its registration from a Provincial Corporation to a Federal Corporation. Some modifications to the Bylaws were needed and a new version was approved at the 2021 AGM, and came into force on December 9, 2021.

Dated : December 2021
Author : PCCC BOD
Pages : 10
Size : 332 KB

Guia de Negocios FINTECH 2021/2022

The FinTech Business Guide 2021/2022 is a unique project that strategically consolidates the relevant information on FinTechs in Peru and neighboring countries. Interviews have been consolidated with officials from the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance, and AFPs (SBS), the Superintendence of the Securities Market (SMV), and representatives of some of the most representative organizations and companies in the FinTech ecosystem in Peru.

Dated : October 2021
Author : EY
Pages : 221
Size : 6.58 MB

Guide to Investing in Infrastructure Projects in Peru 2020/2021

The main purpose of this guide is to serve as a tool to document and evaluate the infrastructure field in Peru, in order to offer foreign investors a real and current view of the Peruvian market and to encourage them to take advantage of the opportunities available. You will also find a detailed section on the most relevant characteristics of the Public-Private Partnership (PPPs), Works for Taxes and Government to Government (G2G) frameworks as well as an overview of the main legal, tax, labor, environmental and custom tax matters.

Dated : September 2020
Author : EY
Pages : 158
Size : 4.33 MB

COVID-19 Sector Thermometer: Adaptability (Part 1)

First of three reports where they will cover in detail the situation and ideas of adaptability for more than 100 sectors in the Peruvian economy. What changes are coming for these sectors and how can we adapt to the new times?... Time to brainstorm about these new opportunities...

Dated : April 2020
Author : PTP
Pages : 13
Size : 1.80 MB

PERU: Best destination for Mining Investment

According to the International Monetary Fund, Peru is a “raising star”, an emerging market that stands out for its solid growth and resilience. For this same reason, the rating agency Moody’s considers Peru outlook to be stable and has issued it an A3 investment grade long-term sovereign rating. Learn about their virtual platform "Proyecta MINEM" ...

Dated : March 2020
Author : OCEX
Time : 00:02:37
Size : 10.6 MB

PERU-CANADA Trade Report

An inquisitive look at the Overall Market Landscape, description of their Trends and Highlights. Effect of the Bilateral Trade in key industries: Infrastructures, Agro-Industry, Mining & Oil, Alcoholic Beverages. A “Doing Business Library” with a description of “who is who” in the industry and Key Contact information in Canada and Peru.

Dated : February 2020
Author : Schulich Team
Pages : 133
Size : 3.53 MB

Peru’s Mining & Metals Investment Guide

The first and finest handbook of its kind. Mining industry’s leading professionals from EY Peru, with a mix of legal, tax, economic and accounting backgrounds, share their unique insights and explain the key elements for a successful expansion by international mining and metals companies into Peru.

Dated : January 2020
Author : Ernst & Young
Pages : 92
Size : 3.78 MB