Has Peru’s Vizcarra Outsmarted His Opponents?

Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra appointed new ministers this month as dismissed lawmakers’ challenges to his presidency died down. The new cabinet’s swearing-in followed the president’s invocation of the Constitution to dissolve Congress and call for new legislative elections, an act that triggered a standoff with opposition legislators and ultimately resulted in Vice President Mercedes Aráoz’s resignation.


Cooperation agreement between ADEX and the PCCC

ADEX is the largest private association of exporters in Peru. It is also well known for organizing the annual Entrepreneurial Summit of Peru - CADE.

The MOU is a collaborative venture between these two associations with the ultimate goal of removing barriers among its members. It is a first step towards the common goal to promote Peruvian exports to Canada. The PCCC will contribute with market intelligence and information about opportunities in Canada's market within next months.



CADE Digital 2019

On April 24th, CADE Digital President Jaime Aguirre said that Peruvian companies' competitiveness and benefits can be improved by digitalizing their processes, which is evidenced in several firms from different sectors.

"We'll show how to improve competitiveness in the private sector (with digitalization) through business experiences in different sectors such as retail trade, insurance, manufacturing, distribution, banking," he affirmed.